Avocado Orchard 28: Eugene


Orchard Establishment Date 2019-11-01 00:00:00.0
Age 12 months
Type of Tree Clonal / Seedling
Rootstock Dusa
Variety Fuerte
Total Trees in the orchard 58
Current Yield
Current average Kilogram per tree
Target Yield  
Industry Average Yield  

No trees available. Avocado usufruct are listed and traded daily so please check-in again.

Purchase Process

1. Choose your orchard or rows in an orchard online or send us an email with your choice for assitance.

2. The orchard or rows will be reserved during your due diligence.

3. The Purchase agreement will be formulated and send for your approval and signature.

4. When we have a signed agreement and payment was received, we issue the deed of cession transferring the usufruct of the avocado trees.

5. Your purchase is updated on the AvoOwner platform to reflect your ownership of the orchards or rows in an orchard.

6. You qualify immediately to share in the prorata profit from the harvest.

7. We send out at least one monthly report to update you on the progress of the crop.

Projected 7 year Return for Orchard 28: Eugene - Cultivar: Fuerte - Total Trees: 58

Orchard Status: Sold

Orchard projections not available until 2019

*BOF is the value after cost per hectare, packaging, marketing, transport, SAAGA and AvoOwner fees.

Purchase Details:

  • - The management fee to maintain and apply good farming principles is 35% of the BOF income.
  • - Your crop are insured against natural causes such as hail.
  • - No additional cost to the owner besides the initial investment.
  • - Owner has a choice to receive the revenue less cost transfered to a nominated bank account.
  • - Limited risk to the owner, if the tree has problems and dies, AvoOwner will replace the tree with a young tree.
  • - Owners can resell the usufruct of the trees on the AvoOwner Trading platform or to any other interested person or company.

Avocado Variety information: Fuerte

Variety Description
If you like flavourful avocados, you will love the Fuerte avocado! Rarely found in stores. Fuertes look like elongated pears, and the skin is a beautiful grass-green with some darker speckles mixed in. The fruit itself is pale yellow with a smooth, creamy texture. Fuertes are less oily that other avocados, but the flavour is very rich and nutty. Fuerte avocados were once the top variety, but were displaced in the 1930’s by the newer Hass variety. Hass has a thicker, bumpy skin that can be rolled and handled without as much risk to damage. If you are a person who really loves avocados, you owe it to yourself to try the Fuertes!

Fruit Size
Medium sized (140 - 400g)

Smooth thin skin that stays green coloured when ripe. Flesh bruises easily.

“Pear” shaped sometimes has a long thinner neck.

Medium sized.

March to June

Ripens quickly out of cold storage – approximately 7 days from picking. Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER – when green. Fruit will develop big brown and black cold damage marks if stored at colder temperatures.

Fuerte avocados have amazing flavour. Fuertes are less oily that other avocados, but the flavour is very rich and nutty.

Known for
Pear-shape. Medium seed. Peels easily. Great taste