Avocado Nursery Trees

AvoOwner avocado nursery trees are grown in a nursery environment with strictly controlled sanitary procedures, designed to minimise the risk of spreading Phytophthora cinnamomi or other infectious diseases and pests.

Traceability is an essential component of each step in the propagation process. AvoOwner’s online management system documents a tree's history throughout the production process, including seed planting date, grafting date, rootstock and scion varieties, and virus status.
With AvoOwner, you can be confident that your avocado trees will be getting the best possible start.


Avocado seedling trees are professionally grafted with various cultivars to ensure the trees bear fruit within 2 years from planting.


Hass grafted avocado tree available from 3 months old

Planting Avocado Trees
Root development

There is a real art from producing avocado nursery trees to successfully establishing the tree in an orchard. The entire process can take up to 2 years.

Seed: The selection of the seed must be from known sources that can be certified the source trees are sunblotch viroid free.
Germination: The germination must take place in a growing medium free from any phytophthora.
Root development: We select only trees with excellent root development
Grafting: Plant material from our mother block are selected for grafting the seedling
Preparing the avocado tree: The tree must be drenched in phosphonates for the control of phytophthora. We also paint the trees with white pva to ensure the plant do not burn to death within the next few days. Harding the leaves are also very important before planting your avocado tree with young soft leaves.
Planting the avocado tree: Before planting your soil needs to be prepared to establish soil that has a good drainage, add calcium and phosphorous mixed deep into the soil. The avocado tree can now be planted in a hole about 500mm deep. Loosen some of the root at the bottom of the tree. Do not plant the tree to deep.
Feeding the avocado tree: We provide the plant with slow release fertilisers for at least the first 2 years. Regular irrigation to prevent the roots to dry out is extremely important.