Avocado Usufruct Offer

Since AvoOwner was founded in 2013 the farming operation established 7000 avocado trees and traded the usufruct ownership of 6121 trees (87%) since 2016.
The estimated production capability when all the trees are matured is about 1 million kilograms per year.
Back on Farm income will be more than USD 700 000 per year. An average income of USD102 per tree. That is almost the value of buying the usufruct ownership of one avocado tree.
The AvoOwner Trading Platform currently have about 20% of the total avocado usufruct available.
Offers can be made for the entire ownership or for a portion.

Avocado Usufruct Offer Details

1360 Avocado Trees Available
Offer Highlights

Avocado Usufruct available and trade prices by orchards:

Available avocado trees by cultivar:

The following table represent the profit and loss statement for 1360 avocado trees based on the following assumptions:

Trees are aged between 1 and 5 years, during off years yield may continue to increase as a result of vegetative growth.
ROI exclude value of the avocado trees after 5 years.
Yield per tree are based on industry averages during on/off years.
Open field matured avocado trees produce 15 to 40 ton per hectare, based on 350 trees per hectare, avocado trees grown commercially yield between 42kg and 114kg per tree.
AvoOwner will not share in profits for first 3 years except if targets are exceeded.
South Africa will get market access to China, India, USA and several other countries during the next 3 years which could increase back on farm value per kg.

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  • Description: The Hass avocado is dark green-colored with a bumpy skin.
  • Fruit Size: Small to medium (140 – 350g) – large fruit an exception.
  • Season:May until September in Limpopo South Africa.
  • Skin: Thick, green, pebbly skin changes colour to purple/black when ripe/ready to eat. Skin does not yield to pressure easily – once soft or shriveled, fruit is overripe.
  • Storage:Excellent shelf life with very few post harvest problems. Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER.
  • Taste: Rich and nutty, as opposed to the stringy/watery “Natal” seedling variety.

  • Variety Description: If you like flavourful avocados, you will love the Fuerte avocado! Rarely found in stores. Fuertes look like elongated pears, and the skin is a beautiful grass-green with some darker speckles mixed in. The fruit itself is pale yellow with a smooth, creamy texture. Fuertes are less oily that other avocados, but the flavour is very rich and nutty. Fuerte avocados were once the top variety, but were displaced in the 1930’s by the newer Hass variety. Hass has a thicker, bumpy skin that can be rolled and handled without as much risk to damage. If you are a person who really loves avocados, you owe it to yourself to try the Fuertes!
  • Fruit Size: Medium sized (140 - 400g)
  • Skin: Smooth thin skin that stays green coloured when ripe. Flesh bruises easily.
  • Season: Mid to late February from the Limpopo Province until (early) August from Kwazulu-Natal. ‘Out of season’ fruit is available year round.
  • Storage: Ripens quickly out of cold storage – approximately 7 days from picking. Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER – when green. Fruit will develop big brown and black cold damage marks if stored at colder temperatures.
  • Variety Description: The Ryan variety is known as a late season egg shaped fruit with slightly rough dark green skin that stays green coloured when ripe. It is large (300 – 500g) with a large seed and is available from August to September from the Limpopo province and from October from KwaZulu-Natal. Late season fruit are readily available.
  • Fruit Size: Large (300 – 500g).
  • Skin: Slightly rough dark green skin that stays green coloured when ripe.
  • Season: August to November from the Limpopo Province. October from KwaZulu-Natal. Late season fruit readily available.
  • Storage: Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER.
When you purchase the usufruct of the avocado trees, you buy 65% of all the future tree profits for at least the next 20 years.

We enter into a purchase agreement which ensure our responsibilities to look after the trees using globally accepted farming principles (Global GAP).

We issue a deed of cession which transfer the ownership of the avocado usufruct. You can sell your trees anytime using the AvoOwner Platform to trade your avocado usufruct.

International non-resident agreements are registered with the South African Reserve Bank in order to ensure future profit pay-outs.

Below is the purchase and administration process:

1. You make an offer to purchase the usufruct of avocado trees above.
2. We generate a purchase agreement and an invoice.
3. You approve and sign the agreement.
4. You transfer the funds to our trust account.
5. We issue a deed of cession transferring the ownership of the avocado usufruct.
6. We provide monthly updates about farming activities such as fertigation, soil moisture and markets etc.