Avocado Trees - Age: 12+ months

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Rootstock: Edranol
Budwood origin: AvoOwner, South Africa
Growing medium: Coco Peat: 70:30

Available from September 2019

Avocado Seeds are harvested from tested mother tree orchards at our farm in Limpopo South Africa. Seeds are germinated in the correct temperatures and planted into small bags. When seedlings reach the age of 3 months we graft a cultivar onto the seedling. When the nursery trees adapted well with the bud wood we allow to grow for another 2 months before we list the trees for sale. When the trees reach an age of 12 months the tree is ready to be planted.

Bud wood and rootstock material standards
  • All mother trees from where seeds and bud wood are used are tested for ASBVd at least once every 3 years.
  • The seeds (fruits) are harvested from healthy trees and and not soiled.
  • When seeds are removed from the fruit it is treated (warm bath or steam) at 50 °C for 30 minutes or immersed in a 0.5 % OxyacidTM (hydrogen peroxide) solution for 30 seconds to protect the seed against P. c.
  • After treatment the seed is dipped in Chronos, a broad-spectrum fungicide.
  • The seed is placed in clean crates and stored at approximately 6 °C.
  • Bud wood and rootstock material are taken from approved and indexed trees selected for vigour, productivity and health status and free from ASBVd.

  • Description: The Hass avocado is dark green-colored with a bumpy skin.
  • Fruit Size: Small to medium (140 – 350g) – large fruit an exception.
  • Season:May until September in Limpopo South Africa.
  • Skin: Thick, green, pebbly skin changes colour to purple/black when ripe/ready to eat. Skin does not yield to pressure easily – once soft or shriveled, fruit is overripe.
  • Storage:Excellent shelf life with very few post harvest problems. Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER.
  • Taste: Rich and nutty, as opposed to the stringy/watery “Natal” seedling variety.

  • Variety Description: If you like flavourful avocados, you will love the Fuerte avocado! Rarely found in stores. Fuertes look like elongated pears, and the skin is a beautiful grass-green with some darker speckles mixed in. The fruit itself is pale yellow with a smooth, creamy texture. Fuertes are less oily that other avocados, but the flavour is very rich and nutty. Fuerte avocados were once the top variety, but were displaced in the 1930’s by the newer Hass variety. Hass has a thicker, bumpy skin that can be rolled and handled without as much risk to damage. If you are a person who really loves avocados, you owe it to yourself to try the Fuertes!
  • Fruit Size: Medium sized (140 - 400g)
  • Skin: Smooth thin skin that stays green coloured when ripe. Flesh bruises easily.
  • Season: Mid to late February from the Limpopo Province until (early) August from Kwazulu-Natal. ‘Out of season’ fruit is available year round.
  • Storage: Ripens quickly out of cold storage – approximately 7 days from picking. Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER – when green. Fruit will develop big brown and black cold damage marks if stored at colder temperatures.
  • Variety Description: The Ryan variety is known as a late season egg shaped fruit with slightly rough dark green skin that stays green coloured when ripe. It is large (300 – 500g) with a large seed and is available from August to September from the Limpopo province and from October from KwaZulu-Natal. Late season fruit are readily available.
  • Fruit Size: Large (300 – 500g).
  • Skin: Slightly rough dark green skin that stays green coloured when ripe.
  • Season: August to November from the Limpopo Province. October from KwaZulu-Natal. Late season fruit readily available.
  • Storage: Store at +5 degrees C – NOT COLDER.