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We provide individuals, traders or companies a safe and secure trading platform. AvoOwner is about investing in something real. Avocados!
Owners purchase the usufruct of avocado trees from AvoOwner which can be in form of an entire orchard or a row in an orchard.
Once you have a bought an avocado tree, you are an AvoOwner.

AvoOwner is owned and managed from an international trust (Johan Immelman Trust - IT 3756/03). The trust acquires avocado farms with existing and emerging avocado orchards with excellent prospects of producing good quality yield.
AvoOwner provides the trading platform for buyers to trade with the usufruct of avocado trees in the form of rows in an orchard or entire orchards.

AvoOwner manage ‘hands-on’ all farming activities in cooperation with agronomists, plant scientist and registered fertiliser and chemical suppliers.
We make use of the latest soil measuring equipment in all our plantations to ensure intelligent water usage.

AvoOwner is GLOBAL GAP certified (GGAP No: 4059883348729). This shows that our company cover the criteria for legal compliance, for food safety, worker occupational health and safety, animal welfare, and environmental and ecological care. Additional certifications as a group member includes the Rain Forest Alliance and Sustainable Agricultural in South Africa (Siza).

Chinese Joint Venture

AvoOwner has entered into a joined venture with Hainan ForAvo Agricultural Science and Technology Ltd in China during November 2018.
The joint venture will greatly increase avocado market share in China through existing trading and distribution channels all over China and establish additional avocado farming operations in Hainan province.

The joint venture will offer Chinese companies and individuals the opportunity to purchase avocado usufruct both in South Africa and in China avocado orchards.
A subsidiary of ForAvo will be established in South Africa to take advantage of export opportunities such as avocado fruits, avocado oil, guacamole, seed, plant material and by-products such as avocado tea and facial masks.

ForAvo has the largest avocado nurseries in China producing more than 500 000 avocado trees per annum.
AvoOwner and ForAvo will offer Chinese farmers training courses to learn how to produce avocados including consultancy service to establish avocado orchards in China.

The Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences in China is a partner of ForAvo which employs more than 200 employees with doctoral degrees on the island of Hainan. ForAvo and AvoOwner will greatly utilise the expertise and knowledge of the institute to benefit the people of China and South Africa.
In addition to the joint venture we will make various trading opportunities available developed from the academy’s research centre in Hainan.

AvoOwners have various options to earn income or capital growth from their trees, orchards or farming blocks.

Buy and Sell Avocado trees
  • Buy Avocado Farming Blocks and sell the orchards at a profit
  • Buy Orchards and sell the row and trees.
  • Buy a row in a Orchard and sell the trees.
  • Buy a few trees and resell at a later stage for a profit.
  • Earn income from the avocado trees
  • AvoOwners earn annual income from the crops the trees produce.
  • Annual Income are determined from the average crop the orchard produce
  • Avocado block and Orchard owners receive income from their own orchards

  • AvoOwner is Global GAP certified

    What is GlobalGAP:
    A central component of the GAP certification process is a food safety program for each farm; it includes written standard operating procedures and policies to address potential contamination issues including land, irrigation water, manure use, pesticides, equipment and worker health and hygiene.

    AvoOwner is a registered member of the South African Avocado Growers Association (SAAGA)

    AvoOwner is a member of Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA)

    AvoOwner is a registered food business operator with the South African Department of Agriculture. (FBO Code D15230)

    Managing more than 7300+ Avocado trees


    Every avocado tree matters!
    Farming with avocados is our passion.

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    Team AvoOwners

    Johan Immelman
    Trustee and Avocado Grower

    Johan is the founder and architect of the AvoOwner investment platform. He is accountable and responsible for AvoOwner achieving its investment objectives and steering AvoOwner's farming strategies.
    Avocados have been a great passion of Johan's since early childhood. Johan invested most of his life in mastering the entrepreneurial secrets of operating profitable operations.

    Marie Wilby
    AvoOwner Beekeeper

    Marie is the beekeeper on the farm looking after more than 50 hives.She is also assiting in the day-to-day operations of our avocado growing activities.

    Khazamula Daniel Mabasa
    AvoOwner Farm Caretaker

    Daniel worked all his life on farms. He has the most general experience about farming operations one can expect. Daniel's wisdom and devotion to AvoOwner ensures everyone and everything works in harmony.

    Mapula Virginia Raphokwana
    Avocado Orchard's Team Leader

    Virginia has more than two decades experience in working with Avocados. She is the team leader that manage all orchard activities from fertigation, irrigation and weed control.

    Team AvoOwner
    2017 Hass Harvest

    This is the AvoOwner team since 2016. Everyone having a cup of milo before the Hass harvest continues.

    Invest in something real, buy an avocado row from USD1 200 in our orchards or buy an entire orchard from about $21 000.

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